Niyonshuti Charity Course: Mentor: mvuletrust

I am Niyonshuti Charity from Kisoro District in Western Uganda, hereby express my sincere gratitude to Mvule Trust. I came from a family of three, and I am the second born. I am deeply thankful for every support rendered to me, the financial support, moral support and mentorship. I am so thankfully partly because Mvule Trust has been in my life for all these years. I joined Mvule Trust scholarship programme in 2006 in senior one and I count it a blessing to have been chosen among the many who had applied. Mvule Trust has paid my fees from senior to my final years at the university. I was never inconvenienced in anyway. I was provided supplementary scholastic materials and they visited me every school term. I was also counselled and my self-esteem improved. I used to be a very shy person. The moral support enabled me overcome the university life challenges, among others relationships.

Growing up as a total orphan, I had no hope of reaching this far. Thumbs up for Mvule Trust for they have brought me this far! Their effort has led me into obtaining a high level educational qualification. Today, I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Makerere University Business School, Jinja campus. My dream has partially come alive. I hope one day, I will reach out to orphans and prove to them that being an orphan does not mean all is lost. Help them achieve their goals just like Mvule Trust has helped me achieve mine.