Mvule Trust mission

The Trust’s main organizational goal is to improve the lives of underprivileged rural Ugandan families by providing young people; primarily girls with scholarships.

Mvule Trust vision:

Mvule Trust envisions a cadre of young people who are educated, self-confident, self-sufficient and able to engage in sustainable livelihoods in their home areas.


  • Fund bursaries for young adults, primarily girls, who are not able to pursue a post-primary education.
  • Where possible, provide MT beneficiaries with personal materials crucial for academic progress, such as school uniforms, medical and health supplies, writing or trade tools and transport allowances.
  • Finance the development of school facilities such as libraries and science laboratories.
  • Develop a support network for beneficiaries that will encourage them to pursue their studies. These efforts include Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness(ASRH) and life skills training, meetings with beneficiaries’ parents, teachers’ workshops and dialogue with community leaders to promote education.
  • Help graduates to secure employment once they have completed their education.
  • Support efforts by other organizations or programmes aimed at increasing quality and accessibility of education in Uganda.